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Spend less, wear more...

Sometimes when I come across certain "swoon worthy" look I ask myself how a girl from Fort Wayne Indiana even comes across some of these pieces...

I'm pretty sure that my Guess denim jacket was the high point of my wardrobe in the 80's.

But, we are no longer in the 80's,

And, while it is still "No Spend September" I'm still always open to looking...

I am loving this Peter Do look from Net a Porter, but at $1,890 for the pants alone I decided to look for a more affordable option to make this Peter Do look do-able for my budget.

Black O-Ring Wrap Belt from Gap $23.99

Grey Washable Suit Pant from Banana Republic Factory $34

Grey Cotton Blend Sleeveless Sweater from Michael Kors

Zara Studded Booties $149

I even found a great Sonja Morgan faux-leather turtleneck for $98.95 which would be a FANTASTIC piece to add to this look (again, the idea came from Net a Porter) and a quilted shoulder bag from Talbots for $149.00

I've never purchased any of the pieces from Sonja Morgan, but I have purchased handbags from Talbots (especially when they have their end of season sales) and the quality never disappoints. I also like to look for designer bags on The Real Real.

These pieces may actually wind up as purchases in October, once No Spend September ends. (Eight more days, but who's counting)


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