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Selling Sunset

For months I waited oh-so-anxiously for season 3 of Selling Sunset. In addition to being a big fan of beautiful homes I am obsessed with the fashion on this show. Seriously, a show with the low key sexed up girl next door look style of Chrishell to the what will she wear next look of Christine is hard not to love. Toss in two twin brothers plus newlywed Mary and really... I'm hooked.

So, a few days before the premier one of my favorite local shops, Fabtique posted a photo of a "Sunset" sweatshirt from Esqualo and I felt like I had to have it. I mean really, it was like a sign. I could just see myself enjoying my alone time holed up in my sunroom watching the show in my special gold sequin sweatshirt. (Yes, it was that perfect.) Unfortunately they only had an extra small left, and it didn't make sense to buy something only my arm could fit in. Even I know that is not practical. So I did the next best thing, which was to spend the next hour online looking for the damn thing on any site I could that sells the Esqualo brand. No dice. I did, however find a Sunset sweatshirt from Ann Taylor Loft. Not quite the same, but cute enough. Nothing makes me happier than going all out on a theme, so now I am the proud owner of a sweatshirt I will most likely never wear again.

On Friday, the day of the premier I was SO EXCITED. I spent the day at work giddy. I knew what the weekend had in store for me. Binge watching. The only problem was that I still wasn't sure what time it was on... and then I realized: It's Netflix you idiot. There IS NO TIME, and I have NO SHAME. By Saturday, I had watched the whole season, and I really, really liked it.

So...what did you think of Christine's wedding? Did your heart break for Chrishell? Am I the only person who considers Mary to be hair goals? And most importantly--- do you think there will be a season four?


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