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Pantyhose and pajamas...

Updated: Sep 17

As I approach the last year of my 40's I find myself thinking-

How am I supposed to act?

How much longer can I get away with wearing ballcaps?

Is my nail polish drawing attention to my skin?

Maybe we find the answers to these questions from our mothers, sisters, aunts or girlfriends.

I have no idea.

My memories of "ladies my age" are of women who drank tap water from a glass, owned slippers and drew their eyebrows back in after they used tweezers to remove them.

There were no ballcaps. Maybe a shower cap, but definitely no ballcaps.

They wore nightgowns. Which they put on at bedtime. Not after work and not to watch "their shows" in.

There was no internet, which meant there were no reviews for beauty products for their age group. There was no Birchbox or Fab Fit Fun.

So how were they deciding which products to use?

They wore pantyhose. And not just for special occasions. But, at some point their dresses got longer and then they started wearing "slacks" and the pantyhose became knee high stockings.

When do we transition to these things?

What if we don't want to?



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