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No-spend September...


There is no mature word to use for how I am feeling about my self-imposed commitment to not over-shop in September.

August led to several handbag purchases (thank you The Real Real) and by the end of it I was feeling a little guilt about my overindulgence issues.

So...I decided to be a little more low-key with my spending in September.

Now, I didn't go completely bonkers and set myself up for failure. I made a list.


Items/outings/appointments I knew I had or would need.

Having a list makes me feel accountable. I even texted "the list" to my husband.

And while I am not shopping with real money I'm still in the game mentally. (In more ways than one in case anyone is thinking it...I get it and you're right)

So while these may not be joining my closet anytime soon these are my "wish list" items as we look towards fall fashion-

A girl can dream, right?


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