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Monday's are for do-overs

When you're younger, starting over is easy. Reinventing yourself is easy. You go back to school after summer break with a new style, new friends, a renewed dedication to getting better grades.

When you go to college no one remembers (or knows) who you were during your ugly duckling stage. They didn't see your baby fat and they don't know about the first (or second) boy you kissed.

And these do-overs go on. They just change and evolve as you get older. As your career progresses your clothes get better. No one remembers your style evolution from bad haircuts and highlights to Botox and Balayage.

As you get older, your do-overs diminish. People know who you are, and with any luck you know who you are.

But still. The desire is there. Who doesn't want to be better?

So for me, when I'm doubting myself, or knowing I can do better I tell myself Monday is the day.

On Monday I'll dress better for work this week. Maybe I'll even accessorize.

I'll work out more. No one's getting any younger, right?

I'll be a better wife, a better mother. I'll make better dinners for my family.

I'll be a better co-worker, a better friend.

But again, I'm still me, and as mentioned people know who I am and I know who I am.

So on Monday, I'll give myself something else- a non-do-over.

The understanding that being me is okay. A marginal cook, a sometimes standoffish co-worker and a woman with a great closet of clothes I don't always wear. An okay wife, mother and a somewhat scatterbrained friend.

Maybe next Monday...


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