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Back to school

I've been in the business of being a mom since 1992. It's the longest I've ever stayed at one job, even though I went into it with zero experience. And if you want good job security I highly recommend spacing your kids apart. Then you're really in it for the long haul. So, since 1996 I've been in the "back to school" boat. You start with some crayons and glue sticks and over the years you work your way up to expensive calculators you don't understand. You give a million car rides and wave at just as many buses. (Or if you're like me you follow the bus down the highway crying, but I only did that once)

This year put me in a new position. As the summer break came to a close my younger daughter got her drivers license, and with that came a car. And with the car came a lot of guilt. (For me, not for her) My older daughter did not get a car. She was barely allowed to get a drivers license. I was a little on the strict side with my first go-round of parenting. (It's true that you mellow out from your first to your last child)

But while there was guilt, there was also a sense of relief. No more worrying about which car sports equipment is in and no more worrying about how to work and get my daughter to and from sports practice.

Except...for what felt like a hassle at times now feels like the beginning of the end. We're quickly wrapping up high school, and after that I'm out of kids. My job security is almost gone. By the time my younger daughter graduates I will have had almost 30 years of kids in the house.

Then what?

Who looks silly for all that bitching about the small stuff now? -This girl-


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