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49 Candles...

Updated: 3 days ago

There's a prequel to this... 16 Candles.

Technically though I guess 1-48 were as well.

So, I turned 49 this week.

Forty. Nine.

I've been having an awfully hard time with this.

Vanity (or the things you used to be able to take for granted) is a bitch.

The prequel, 16 Candles (if you've never seen the movie) is about a girl celebrating her 16th birthday, which happens to be the same day as her sisters wedding.

So her special day is overshadowed, and her family forgets about her.

The movie is all about teenage angst and insecurities, and like many movies about teenage girls go, there is a boy.

And, as many movies about teenage girls go, the boy comes through as does her family.

When you're 49 you're circling back to the angst and insecurities.

Your eyebrows are a little harder to tame and your forehead has what they call "11's" which means Botox, stat.

You're not even middle aged anymore, unless your life expectancy is 98.

In 16 Candles the boy has shiny dark hair and a Porsche.

By 49 Candles he is a silver fox and drives up in a Ford Explorer.

Up next: 50.


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